Thursday, July 26, 2007

Georgia Tech Ready

Georgia Tech's projections are ready, and they're looking better than I thought they would. If Causey and/or Miller can run the point well enough for Clinch to play off the ball, and if they play any defense at all, the Jackets might just be better than they were in 2007.

Clemson is up next.

As for the positional inferences I talked about in the last post, nevemind. There's just too many variables at play to be able to get a good handle on positions played through the back door like that. While they're far from perfect, the size adjustments are just as good as anything I was able to come up with using the jury-rigged positions. More importantly, they take way less coding.

What I will do is create a new report that gives everyone's "effective" height. It won't mean anything, really, but it'll be a neat report to look at every now and then. I find it interesting, at least.

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