Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle

I have learned two very important things about myself in the last two months. First, I'm horribly bad at writing code to make computers do things for me. I've spent a good chunk of free time in the last couple months trying to teach myself enough programming that I could do all the things I want to do here. Grand ideas for what this site could be are going to have to remain just that. I'm just not smart enough to figure out how to compute PAPER for every player in Division I, and even if I was, I don't think my computer would be able to handle all the calculations it would take to stay current.

Second, I'm an even worse at blogging than I am at coding. I've got an inner filter that doesn't let me write or say anything unless I feel like it adds to the conversation. While in the grand scheme of things I think that's good--the world woudl be a far better place if it wasn't full of people talking for talking's sake--for a guy with a blog, that's probably not the best personality trait.

That said, there's good news. I've learned to code just enough to let me say things I want to say.

First, some housekeeping: the win probability charts for the three teams I didn't get to in the season previews are here, for whatever they're worth. I got demoralized when my preseason #2 lost on the first day of the season and just couldn't get back in the prognosticating mood after that.

Later tonight, a new way to rank teams.

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