Friday, March 7, 2008

PAPER 2.0 Has Been Uploaded

The new version is based on a complete overhaul (and much-needed simplification) of the formulae that produce PAPER, as well as an entirely new possession model that relies almost entirely on observed data instead of relying mostly on estimates. The end result looks the same, though, and represents the same information (RATE is a player's value per-possession, PAPER is a cumulative statistic based on RATE that represents the number of points a player is worth, versus a hypothetical league-average player, and Wins Added are the number of wins the player would be worth to an otherwise-average team over the course of a 16-game conference season). The full list can be found here (note that only 2008 is PAPER 2.0; all the prior years are still based on the inferred data, and I seriously doubt that I'll ever get around to changing that).

Before too long I'll make a post (or several posts) highlighting the new system, but for right now I just want to get the thing posted.

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