Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ukraine is game to Ra'Sean Dickey

The Jackets' center would have returned this season after sitting out last year due to grades, but Ra'Sean Dickey is headed to the Ukraine. Dickey would probably started at center, so now they'll have to rely on Alade Aminu and Brad Sheehan at the five, as well as go small with Gani Lawal or Zack Peacock playing undersized at center for stretches. Dickey's 50% line had him playing 20 minutes per game and averaging about 8 points and 5 rebounds. Tech now has absolutely no margin for attrition in the frontcourt.

Will this move be the start of a trend? There's already been much speculation on the future of non-college-type teenagers and under-compensated mid-level free agents after the Brandon Jennings and Josh Childress moves, so are we going to start seeing American-born players who would be long-shots to land in the Association leaving college with eligibility remaining? If so, that could be far more devastating to the college game than a couple dozen elite players leaving for the NBA every year. There are a whole lot more Ra'Sean Dickeys than there are Michael Beasleys.

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