Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ACC Stats & More Is Dead. Long Live The Matchup Zone.

In a long overdue change, this blog is no longer titled "ACC Stats & More." I've long since moved on from the original focus of this site, and what content is here has much more of a national appeal. So as of today, the site has been rendamed "The Matchup Zone" (punny, eh?) to reflect that. Bookmarks to the old accstats.blogspot.com address will still redirect here, and all RSS feeds should remain the same, but the new address for the blog is blog.matchup-zone.com.

In the coming weeks and months, my goal is to move from the current mess of blog postings, Google Sites pages, and Google Docs Spreadsheets into a more coherent and much more user-friendly website. The exact timeframe for all that is uncertain, and with a baby on the way in just a little over a month I'm sure I'll get sidetracked, but that's where this thing is headed.

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