Thursday, October 30, 2014

2015 Projections

The 2015 projections are live. (Well, they've actually been up since May, but I just made the link live so you can get to them without deducing what the URL might be). There'll be a major shakeup sometime in the next few days as I make the switch from the inferred rosters to the actual ones. There won't be a whole ton of movement at the top of the rankings when that happens, just because I'm able to keep better tabs on the comings and goings in those programs; there'll be some significant movement the further from the top you get, though. I'll post another note when that happens.

Remember, these projections don't know how hard your favorite team's players have worked during the offseason, or how much better your favorite team's chemistry is going to be this season. It doesn't believe your favorite team's head coach when he says he's going to go up-tempo this year. (It also doesn't believe he's actually going to stick with a platoon system.) It doesn't understand that the freshmen coming into your favorite team's system are, without a doubt, diamonds in the rough who were underrated by all the recruiting services because the guys who run those things drop every player who commits to your favorite team by a full star in their ratings.

In all seriousness, though, there are going to be at least a couple teams out there that will wind up being very, very good teams and will, in hindsight, seem to have been woefully underrated by these projections. As the calendar turns over to November, we can all believe that our favorite team is the one that everybody's wrong about in the best possible way. 

We're getting close to the fun part.

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