Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ready To Go

The first game between Division I teams tips off in a little over 50 hours from now, when UMass-Lowell and UMass proper get after it in Amherst. The last projections run has been completed, and everything here on the site is (I think) ready for action.

I've made a few improvements on the back end of things which should make the ratings update much faster than before. The program which does all of the heavy lifting for the ratings and adjustments has been completely re-written and its efficiency is much improved. What used to take about 45 minutes to run now takes a little over 2 minutes to complete (yeah, I was really bad at coding when I first started this thing), and will kick off automatically every time the database is updated with a new box score.

The next item on the punch list will be to re-design and expand the game pages to include a more extensive and easier to understand preview page and expanded box scores for completed games. After that, I'll work on making the team pages easier to read and add some functionality and visualizations there. Then it's on to the individual player cards.

Enjoy the season!

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