Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I know I probably should have posted something about the ACC Tournament. Thing is, I only watched a game and a half of the whole thing. I was traveling all day Thursday and Friday, and after watching the DVR of the Virginia game, I was so disheartened that I couldn't bring myself to watch any more until the second half of the championship game. What's more, there's not much I could say that hasn't been said already.

Same goes for the NCAA Tournament seedings. Those things are so overanalyzed--good and bad--that there's not really anything I could say that might add value. I'm still in a state of shock that a team that doesn't rank in the top 40 of any of the major ratings systems (or the RPI), finished the season by losing 3 of its last five games to the three worst teams in its conference, and got bounced in the opening round of its conference tournament got a 4 seed. Realistically, UVa shouldn't be higher than a 5 or 6 seed. But I'm not going to take much more than a furtive glance into the mouth of that horse.

With that out of the way, there's a new link to the right, a table showing home-road shooting splits for teams in conference play since 2004. One of my plans for the offseason is to get a full set of splits up--home/road, conference/non-con, etc.--for all players and teams, but this is a bit of a stopgap based on a question a friend asked a couple days ago: does UVa really shoot as badly on the road as it seems like they do, and are they unusual in the degree of their frustration? Yes, and sort of. The good news for Wahoos, though, is that things aren't nearly as bad now as they were last year.

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