Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Isn't This Blog Ever Updated?

Duke and Carolina's projections are ready. Virginia Tech and Maryland are coming tonight. Over the next couple weeks I'll be posting team capsules with educated guesses on actual playing time as well as hopefully some data on what we can expect out of all the teams defensively.

In other news, I haven't completely been wasting my time over the last two months. I've been working on some exciting (well, exciting in the most nerdy way possible) additions that I'll be making to the site once the season starts. I'll be publishing PAPER for all Division-I players, plus some team stats for all 341 teams. I might even take a shot at some sort of power ranking, but only if I can think of a way of doing it that nobody else is doing.

This is still going to be an ACC-centric site, though. Most of the commentary is going to be about ACC games, basically because those are the ones I really care about. To that end, I'll be using full play-by-play data, rather than just box score data, for as many ACC games as possible. This should result in a finer granularity of data than what I've been using in the past, and a whole lot of the guesswork I've been making should be eliminated. All but one of the ACC schools (Virginia Tech is the lone holdout) hosts a live game application, either CSTV's GameTracker or XOS's GameWatcher, and these make getting full PBP data really simple. The upshot is that I'll have the data for at least 88 of the 96 conference games, plus most non-con games as well.

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