Wednesday, November 7, 2007

10. Florida State

2007 ACC Record: 7-9, t-8th place
Projected 2008 Record:
6-10 (1027 PARTOBS, .370 Raw W%)

Florida State faces a tough slate in 2008 with seven games--only one fewer than the maximum--against the league's top four teams. The 'Noles have only one game (the home tilt with Wake Forest) in which they will be a strong favorite, compared with six games in which they'll be strong underdogs. With only nine "tossup" games on the schedule, the Seminoles have a much tighter bell curve than most teams.
Projected Player Contributions:
Would anyone be one bit surprised if it was revealed that FSU had been using the same 8 players for the last decade? Other than Al Thornton and Alexander Johnson, no Florida State players in recent have really distinguished themselves in any meaningful way. I really think they might just be giving guys new names when their eligibility runs out and running them back out there for another four years.
Much like the players, the teams have been unremarkable lately too. You always know what to expect from Florida State: an athletic team that, despite being dangerous and fully capable of winning on any given night, still finds itslelf in the league's second division. The backcourt of Isaiah Swann, Toney Douglas, and Jason Rich will keep the 'Noles in most ballgames, and will certainly win them a few, but this doesn't look like the year Florida State breaks through their glass ceiling.

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