Friday, November 9, 2007

5. Clemson

2007 ACC Record: 7-9, t-8th Place
Projected 2008 Record: 9-7 (1215 PARTOBS*, .595 Raw W%)

For the second year in a row, Clemson gets the short end of the scheduling stick. With the maximum six games against the projected top three, and only one game against each of Virginia Tech and Wake Forest--both of those at home, no less, so the Tigers don't even have the opportunity to steal an easier road win--mean that Clemson finishes an average of .8 wins below what they would have with a neutral schedule. Those of you who believe in curses might want to look into this one.

Projected Player Contributions:

Clemson returns essentially the same team that they had last year, minus four-year starter Vernon Hamilton. Some are concerned about whether or not Cliff Hammonds will be able to effectively run the point for the Tigers in his absence. They shouldn't be. Even though Hammonds' turnover rate is higher than is normal for a point guard, his overall floor game is doubtlessly strong enough to lead this team. Hammonds had the highest offensive PAPER component in the league last year, and most of that was thanks to his high team component. Simply put, his teammates score more points when he's on the floor. Really, what else do you need from a point guard?

One more thing that I can't resist mentioning: Freshman point guard Terrence Oglesby (pictured here) joins fellow Clemson Tiger Khalil Greene on the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars.

*The PARTOBS number next to the team's projected record uses the projected Points, Assists, Rebounds, Turnovers, Blocks, and Steals to arrive at a number that correlates pretty strongly with a team's overall and conference record. The order of the PARTOBS number correlates even more strongly with the order of finish. The predicted order of finish and number of conference wins will be based on that number.

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