Tuesday, March 18, 2008

CBI Preview: Richmond at Virginia

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The College Basketball Invitational--the NIT's NIT--tips off its inaugural (and something tells me final) event tonight. The CBI features a few decent-but-still-not-really-all-that-good teams and a bunch of others whose Athletic Directors I'm assuming just happened to be in the office on Sunday night and answered the invitation with something along the lines of, "Sure, what the hell." Virginia is the only ACC team involved in this mess (when a 15-15 team is one of your marquee names it becomes clear that this isn't exactly a promoter's dream), and the Cavaliers take on Richmond tonight in the Basketball Jones.

Virginia should win this one, but if Richmond springs the upset it'll most likely be thanks to their three point shooting. The Spiders aren't a great shooting team from outside--they're just a little bit better than the national average with an adjusted 3G% of 36.1%--but they shoot often from outside in their Princeton-style offense, and Virginia has been abysmal at defending three pointers of late.

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