Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tournament Preview: Big East Day Two

TAPE thinks DePaul has a better chance of beating Providence in today's first matchup than they did of knocking off Cincinnati yesterday. Still, the Friars are 9¾-point favorites (82.0 to 72.3 in 72.6 possessions).

In the second game, TAPE likes Marquette by 5¾ points over St. John's (75.0 to 69.2 in 69 possessions). Officially Marquette is the home team in this game, but for predictions purposes I'll be treating this and any other game St. John's might play in as a home game for the Johnnies.

TAPE absolutely loves West Virginia. They popped up as the nation's top-rated team as recently as a couple weeks ago. The Mountaineers are 7½-point favorites over the Irish (75.9 to 68.3 in 67.7 possessions).

Seton Hall and Syracuse close out the day, and TAPE likes the 'Cuse by 6¼ points (83.3 to 77 in 74.1 possessions). Fun fact: Seton Hall's Jeremy Hazell was one of only two players (Pitt's Sam Young being the other) named to one of the All-Big East teams who had a negative Wins Added rating according to PAPER.

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