Friday, March 13, 2009

Tournament Preview: Big XII Semifinals

Texas 71.7 - 69.8 Baylor (67.2 possessions). A.J. Abrams was the worst player in the Big XII this season, mostly on the back of his less-than-stellar shot selection. Abrams takes a crap-ton of shots, and he doesn't make nearly as many as he should, and those missed shots become the same thing as turnovers once you pass a certain threshold. Abrams is also an exceedingly poor passer from the shooting guard spot, so he's also not doing a whole lot to make his teammates better. When Abrams hits more than 40% of his shots from the field, the Longhorns are

Missouri 84.3 - 80.1 Oklahoma State (76.2 possessions). TAPE gives the Cowboys ever-so-slight edges in this matchup in effective FG% (.662 to .659) and offensive rebounding percentage (.312 to .306), but likes Missouri's pressure defense to produce a +3 turnover differential for the Tigers.

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