Monday, December 6, 2010

PAPER Player Ratings Are Up

The national PAPER ratings are up and they do surprisingly well in the sniff test. Some of the positional assignments are still a little bit off, but they should get better fairly quickly. (Positions in the system are assigned based on a regression model using five rate stats, and this early in the season there's still some slack in that line.) In addition to PAPER, there are a couple other reports available. The first lists the line stats of each player who's played at least 10 minutes per game, translated into a BCS-league environment. The second consists of each player's rate stats, also translated into a BCS-league environment.

The conference-only reports are also updated with information from the current season, and will continue to be updated as conference games are played. Those reports are going to be wacky until everyone's played at least 3 or 4 conference games, so don't read much into them until the middle of January or so.

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