Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday Sweet Sixteen Preview

7:15 Thursday, Anaheim61 possessions
2San Diego St.60.2%66.446.615.438.517.3
The best offense for each of these teams might just be a missed shot. The outcome will be determined by which team is better able to keep the other off the offensive glass.

7:27 Thursday, New Orleans66.5 possessions
These two teams met a year ago in a 7-10 game in the very first game to tip off in the tournament. Jimmer Fredette scored 37 points in a double-overtime BYU victory. BYU, despite their lofty poll ranking, is not quite as good as they were a year ago, and Florida is a good deal better than they were then.

9:45 Thursday, Anaheim67.8 possessions
Would Duke have gone undefeated if Kyrie Irving hadn't been injured? I'm not convinced they would. The Blue Devils would undoubtedly have been a better team with Irving. They would have scored about two and a half additional points per game and allowed about three quarters of a point less over the course of ACC play. That probably would have elevated them in the TAPE ratings to being the equals of Kansas and Ohio State rather than being just a tad behind them. But the chances are still good that, somewhere along the line, the Devils would have had a bad night or two.

9:57 Thursday, New Orleans53.8 possessions
Prepare yourself to be amazed as a game in which the Bulldogs and Badgers are likely to score a combined 1.15 points per possession is described as a defensive struggle.

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