Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Calendar Is Turned

I've turned on all of the lights for the 2015-16 season, and everything should default to this season without incident when navigating the site now. 

The final projection run has been completed, and the 2016 Projections are now locked. I'm still working on adding some new features to display--some visualizations to go on each team's projection page are in the works. One that I want to point out that's now working and I think is pretty cool is the lineup projections.

In the process of running the player and team projections, I've also run every combination of five-on-the-floor for each team. They're included under each team's projections page, and can be accessed by clicking "Lineups" in the sub-navigation bar. (Villanova's can be found here, for example. You can see there why Daniel Ochefu is probably one of the most important players in the country.) Each lineup has its own TAPE rating, as well as adjusted offensive and defensive efficiencies and normalized four factors. They're all sortable, too, so if you're curious about which of your team's lineups is going to force the most turnovers or be best on the boards, there you go.

Once we get into the season and the PAPER ratings are available (usually sometime in mid-December), I'm planning on using the same model to build on-the-floor ratings that will use the actual season data as well. 

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