Thursday, January 31, 2008

Game Preview: N.C. State at Duke

Those of you reading this in a feed reader might need to click back over to the blog to see the tables.

It's mismatch night in the ACC to close out the month of January: the two lowest-rated teams travel to the two highest-rated. How big of a mismatch is the Duke-State tilt? In the 10,000 trials, Duke won by 40 points more than twice as often as N.C. State won by any score in regulation (925 times to 421). With the potential blow out brewing, I'm just happy to be in an ACC market where Rathbun and Packer--say what you will about the guy, but he's great in a blowout--and the Raycom telecast will save me from two hours listening to Jay Bilas pretend to be objective while Mike Patrick heaps praise on each and every Duke player for each and every thing they do.

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