Monday, February 9, 2009

Do You Know Who This Man Is?

His name is Kenneth Faried and he plays for Morehead State. He's a rebounding machine, and he just might be the best defensive player in the country.

I'm finally close to having PAPER for all Divsion I players. Once all the kinks are worked out, PAPER will represent the value a player would have, in terms of marginal points scored and allowed, to an average BCS Conference team. Right now, the point values don't add up--offensive value is tremendously overstated, and defensive value is understated--but I'm confident in the players' positions relative to one another.

The 25 best players in college basketball, through the games of Saturday, February 7:
1. DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh
2. Terrence Williams, Louisville
3. Kenneth Faried, Morehead State
4. Blake Griffin, Oklahoma
5. John Bryant, Santa Clara
6. Tony Gaffney, UMass
7. Taj Gibson, USC
8. Jared Quayle, Utah State
9. Ty Lawson, North Carolina
10. Cole Aldrich, Kansas
11. Stephen Curry, Davidson
12. Trevor Booker, Clemson
13. Jeff Pendergraph, Arizona State
14. Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi State
15. Talor Battle, Penn State
16. Tommy Brenton, Stony Brook
17. Lee Cummard, BYU
18. Nick Calathes, Florida
19. Gordon Hayward, Butler
20. Manny Harris, Michigan
21. Patrick Patterson, Kentucky
22. Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
23. Chester Frazier, Illinois
24. James Harden, Arizona State
25. Aaron Jackson, Duquesne
The complete list is available here.

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