Thursday, December 10, 2009

PAPER Teaser

I'm putting the finishing touches on a method for determining a player's position based on his box score stats. Instead of being labeled by the meaningless and unhelpful designations G, F, G-F, F, and C as they are on most rosters, players will be categorized into one of seven groups: Point Guards, Combo Guards, Shooting Guards, Swingmen (I'm open to a better name for this category), Small Forwards, Power Forwards, and Bigs. These designations do a better job of reflecting actual player usage than the traditional G-F-C or 1-2-3-4-5, and they should both streamline the nightly generation of the player ratings, as well as allow for positional rankings in addition to the overall rankings.

In preparation for the new PAPER, I've run and uploaded the first player translations of the season. Each player's line represents what his per-game averages would be if he was on a team of average BCS league players playing at an average BCS league pace against average BCS league teams.

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