Sunday, January 27, 2008

Game Preview: Clemson at Miami

Let's see if today goes better for the predictions than yesterday did. I found a glitch in the code that was overstating home court advantage by a factor of about two. Both of yesterday's games were still surprises, just not as big as they appeared given the numbers here yesterday.

Two of my favorite teams in this year's ACC square off in what looks to be one of the most evenly-matched games we'll see. Both Clemson and Miami have trouble shedding the "football school" label, and tend to be overlooked even when they have good teams. Choking out out of NCAA Tournament contention after a 17-0 start or losing three ACC games in a row after a promising beginning to a season don't help matters much. Even so, this game is worth watching.

Both these teams rebound the heck out of the basketball under normal circumstances, so they're likely to cancel each other out today. Whichever team is able to force turnovers to the greatest effect looks to come out on top today.

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